Wonder what Data Center industry would look like without Google, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Facebook

Print Publishing is going through a rapid change that some will point fingers at Google to blame.  Google has a presentation they are giving to show the history of print, analyzing print media's revenue stream.

Newspaper economics: online and offline

Tuesday, March 9, 2010 at 9:00 AM ET

Posted by Hal Varian, Chief Economist
It is widely recognized that the news industry is facing financial difficulties, but there is little agreement about the source of those difficulties or what can be done about them. The debate about the role of the web has been particularly heated: is it the source of the problem or the source of the solution? The Federal Trade Commission is exploring questions like this through a series of workshops on the future of the news industry. At the first round in December, Josh Cohen from the Google News team spoke about how we're working with news publishers to help them attract bigger audiences and generate more revenue. The next round of the workshop kicks off in Washington D.C. this morning, and I will be speaking about the economics of news -- offline and online. I first gave this talk at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism in January and wanted to give you a summary of my remarks here.

One interesting thing about the big companies I mention in the title is whenever they run their services in colocation facilities they are running at power utilizations that make cost effective use of the capacity that would put others to shame if shown side by side.  The economics and business are changing in data centers with these players that reminds me of how publishing had a slow change that eventually builds to forcing those with unsustainable business models to go out of business.

Somehow the publishers were able to make the numbers look good to advertisers even though circulation wasn't holding up.


Above is circulation per household, below is daily circulation.


huh.  There are some interesting numbers going on in data center space that don't make sense like above.

I talked to a person who is thinking about blogging about the data center business, and hopefully, he can shed some light on the potential direction of the data center industry.

Years from now are we going to see an analysis by Google on the data center industry that states the facts?  Here is what they said about print publishing.