World Cup Soccer, assessment of unrest and violence

Today is the start of World Cup Soccer and I was watching this screen, and it reminded of some work done by some really smart people.

Below is the setup for the South Africa first goal.


The movement that allows South Africa to get in position.


And the goal


It is easy to do a post-analysis on what caused the goal.  But, it is much harder to do a pre-analysis on the factors that affect winning or losing.

Now let me show you what the smart people I know are able to do at the World Cup Soccer to understand the potential dynamics that can cause unrest and violence.  Here is the PDF I will be referring to.

The following is a demo showing the use of Thetus's Savanna product.


In the upper left is the assumption, "Demographics and migration patterns may influence stability during the world cup.  Immigration is a primary issue"


Which then supports, "What are the potential dynamics that can cause unrest or violence during the World Cup?"


How many systems have you seen that accept questions as input?  Almost all other systems are focused on data you have already set up monitoring, looking only within your system.  Can you ask questions that gets you looking for information beyond your data feeds?

You can browse the PDF to see more of the events and relationships.

Thetus Savanna allows an analysis process to see relationships and how events occur.  With this understanding you can mitigate undesirable action and invest in areas that are win conditions.

People actually do this activity all the time, but almost no one has a tool like Thetus Publisher.  (Disclosure: I am working with Thetus to figure out how their technology can be applied to data center scenarios, because they are some of the smartest people I've found to figure out how to model the complexity in the data center.)

There are only a handful of people at this time who can understand this technology and apply it.  And, luckily after two years figuring out who the right people are and what are the right scenarios, this method is closer to being deployed.

Writing this blog entry was the easiest way to tell the less than 10 people i know who will understand this approach "here is a cool graphic you can use to illustrate the potential use to your co-workers and team."

And, it is time to start sharing this approach.  I'll continue to post on this modeling method as it explains how I am using my blog posts.  In general, I am blogging about public facts that fit in modeling data centers.

As a few of my business associates and clients know, there is logic to my posts, and they can read the relationships between the posts.  This does not apply to all posts, but they know how to parse what I write.  One benefit of using this blogging approach is I can meet with people, and we immediately can drop into details as they have been reading what I have been blogging.

As my wife just told me last night, I wish you could tell me how to use technology as well as you write things.  I told her well, I spend more time thinking about what to write, than I do thinking about what to say.  :-)

In the same way it is sometimes hard to understand the exact movements in a soccer match that support a goal, once you recognize the patterns that you want to repeat, you start to score more.

Enjoy the World Cup Soccer.