Message to the CFO, green the data center by asking for a multi-tier design, saving 15 - 20% - HP Video

HP has a video that illustrates some concepts for greening the data center. I don't think many of you have seen this video as YouTube shows there are only 64 views.

1) Multi-tier design.  I am amazed at how many times people create data center space without thinking of the high rent and low rent district.  The high availability space is more expensive and business units should be charged more to put IT services in these areas.  If you don't provide a choice, then everyone will pay a higher cost.  HP says they can save 15 - 20% data center costs with a mulit-tier design.



2) Modeling. Data Center Cost Optimization modeling is demo'd as an HP critical infrastructure solution.  This starts at 3:30 min into the video.

HP Optimized Data Centers Simulation
Data Centers require a huge investment to design, build,
and then operate. It is critical to your business success
that your Data Center operates at peak efficiency to
achieve its business goals. Optimized Data Centers
Simulation from HP will help you do exactly that.


Two good ideas to improve data center design is to use multi-tiers in one facility and to model the design choices.

How many of your are cornered into one way with out the ability to see your choices?