Tip for building a better data center, work with the best salesperson

I have often joked that one of things people don't understand in the data center industry is many times the vendor selected goes to who has the best salesperson.  The experienced data center professionals know the reality of what they need and are careful of sales tactics.  With multi-million dollar equipment purchases the commissions are huge.

Ironically, some of the most arrogant people are the ones who are most vulnerable as a good salesperson can assess the arrogant ego easily and play them well.

exaggerating or disposed to exaggerate one's own worth or importance often by an overbearing manner

A good salesperson has the following skills.

* Cherish the client at all times

* Treat clients as you would your best friend

* Listen to clients and decipher their needs

* Make (or give) clients what they need

* Price your product to its dollarized value (in other words don't sell price sell the value received from purchasing)

* Give your clients more than they expect

* Thank each client sincerely and often

I was reading James Hamilton's blog about his boat and he makes an excellent point most miss.

If you do plan to request price quotes, be aware that if you approach a company without choosing a salesperson, one is assigned to you and this can be difficult to change later. Get feedback from other owners and explicitly choose one to work with before approaching the builder. The salesperson can have a major impact on the project, particularly if you plan major customizations.


In your effort to get the best design and best equipment, how many of you look for the best salesperson?