$48,000,000 bet on ARM Server Start-up, Smooth-Stone funded

I've been blogging about the concept of a Little Green Server for the data center, and posted in Oct 2009 about Smooth-Stone.  Luckily thanks to some data center insiders I met the Smooth-Stone executive team and had the pleasure of being on a plane flight from SJC to SEA with CEO Barry Evans and posted again in Apr 2010.

After months and months of work the Smooth-Stone team announced their VC funding of $48,000,000 and now I can write a blog entry that Smooth Stone is funded.

Smooth-Stone Secures $48 Million to Complete Development of Semiconductors for Servers, Data Centers

Unique Syndicate of Chip Industry Leaders and Venture Capital Firms Back Smooth-Stone, Help Company Take Data Center Performance to New Heights with Cell Phone-like Power Consumption

Austin, TX, August 16, 2010 – Smooth-Stone today announced it is raising $48 million from a unique syndicate of investors comprising industry leading venture capital firms and semiconductor innovators. The capital will be applied directly to the final development and market delivery of high performance, low power chips that will change the server market and the makeup of data centers. Smooth-Stone funding partners include ARM, Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC), Battery Ventures, Flybridge Capital Partners, Highland Capital Partners and Texas Instruments Inc.

“This kind of investment, the amount, and the strength of this syndicate is a strong endorsement
for the innovation we are bringing to market,” said Smooth-Stone CEO Barry Evans. “We look
forward to taking advantage of the insights and know-how of these industry-leading investors.”

Others talk about Power as an issue for servers and Smooth-Stone will attempt to be disruptive.

“This kind of investment, the amount, and the strength of this syndicate is a strong endorsement
for the innovation we are bringing to market,” said Smooth-Stone CEO Barry Evans. “We look
forward to taking advantage of the insights and know-how of these industry-leading investors.”

Power consumption matters more than ever. Smooth-Stone will bring the low-power virtues of mobile phone technology to servers and data centers. Its semiconductors and software will provide a solution for companies where energy consumption by servers has become a constraining and expensive issue by increasing the density of computer resources while significantly conserving energy, cooling and space in the data center. Smooth-Stone customers will have new, unseen options as they plan their future server deployments.

“Our goal is to completely remove power consumption as an issue for the data center. Imagine
that change for companies with a large presence on the Internet,” added Evans. “They all deal
with the reality that as the mass of information grows daily, so does their power consumption.
Every day these companies are thinking about managing their data center sprawl. We want to
make sure that space and power are not constraining their potential.”

“The necessity of finding more energy efficient server solutions for data centers has created an
enormous and truly revolutionary opportunity for the industry,” said Battery Ventures General
Partner, Ken Lawler. “As a firm, we recognized from the beginning that Smooth-Stone had the
innovative technology, the customer value proposition and the engineering and management
capability to disrupt the web server landscape. Working with management, we’ve put together
a unique investment structure and syndicate of both strategic and traditional venture capital
investors that gives the company what it needs to succeed in this highly competitive market.
Smooth-Stone has a very bright future and we’re thrilled to be part of this investment.”

The Little Green Server is now funded and has market attention.

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