Innovation Powered by Analytics, "The New Know"

Andrew Fanara sent me link about "The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics" which fits well in the ideas to think about information systems for data centers.

Product Description

Learn to manage and grow successful analytical teams within your business

Examining analytics-one of the hottest business topics today-The New KNOW argues that analytics is needed by all enterprises in order to be successful. Until now, enterprises have been required to know what happened in the past, but in today's environment, your organization is expected to have a good knowledge of what happens next.

This innovative book covers

  • Where analytics live in the enterprise
  • The value of analytics
  • Relationships betwixt and between
  • Technologies of analytics
  • Markets and marketers of analytics

The New KNOW is a timely, essential resource to staying competitive in your field.

I am amazed at how little design and architecture time is spent in the Building Management Systems (BMS) and other monitoring systems like Andrew's company OSIsoft provides in data centers.

Information publishing is changing and analytics is were it is going.  Amazon gets this.  When I ordered the book, I didn't see it on the Kindle list (but it is), so ordered the hard copy book on Sat morning with 2nd day delivery.  Amazon has me in the system as a frequent buyer for my office supplies and here is the book 2:57p on Monday on my desk.


I've discussed the idea of a data center analyst, and if you are interested in this new role, consider reading this book.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Thornton Makes 2010 the Year of the Analyst, January 13, 2010

W. PERDUE (portland ore) - See all my reviews

This review is from: The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics (Wiley and SAS Business Series) (Hardcover)

For over 20 years, Thornton has been a consummate advocate for innovation science and the fruition of the role of the CIO in the Fortune 1000. He is an expert in organizational behavior, c-suite engagement and the kind of leadership practices that get the entire organization focused and engaged.
In The New Know Thornton clearly reminds us: it's about the people, people. This text will carry the profession and practice of analytics forward in a way that only Thornton could champion the cause.
Those familiar with Thornton May know that his work puts the capital W in wit, so of course, the book is engaging, charming and full of anthropological anecdotes that will make you chuckle in your plane seat. If you haven't sat next to Thornton, he is the guy with the bow tie that everyone wants to know. He's a futurist that won't give you the answer, but will twist your brain until you take his tools and define your own destiny.
If you're a business leader whose been burned by bad data, got spreadsheets coming out the ying-yang, regularly find your self on the defense about consultation expenses - and still you need better data from the people in the room - take Thornton's course in channeling the organization's inner analyst.
If you make your living as an analyst, for goodness sake, buy the book and make a decision that 2010 will be the year of the analyst. And then make sure you get in a room with Thornton soon. He's on the road over 250 days a year.