Green Data Center is a standard

I’ve been blogging about Green Data Center for 3 years and been discussing the concept for a bit longer.  When I started blogging about green data centers it was hard to find content I could reference.  Now there is so much out there, I can be selective on what to blog about.

Here is one example of how times have changed.  ZDnet blogger David Chernicoff has a blog called Five Nines: The Next Generation Data Center and here are his latest posts.  Look at all the green data center related topics he discusses.

Five Nines: The Next Gen Datacenter

David Chernicoff

About Five Nines: The Next Gen Datacenter

David Chernicoff looks at technologies that impact data center users and operators, including server consolidation and virtualization, green IT, and the latest hardware advances.

In David’s post  on No Suprise: Green Sells.

For now, “green” is a sales buzzword almost as compelling as “cloud.”  But it will soon enough be simply another expectation and no longer a differentiator.