Where are Facebook's data centers? Follow the money

RichMiller at DataCenterKnowledge has a good post that answers a question of where are Facebook's data centers?

Facebook: $50 Million A Year on Data Centers

September 16th, 2010 : Rich Miller

A look at the fully-packed racks inside a Facebook data center facility.

An analysis of Facebook’s spending with data center developers indicates that the company is now paying about $50 million a year to lease data center space, compared to about $20 million when we last analyzed its leases in May 2009.

When you spend $50 million a year, you can follow the money trail.

  • Facebook is paying $18.13 million a year for 135,000 square feet of space in data center space it leases from Digital Realty Trust (DLR) in Silicon Valley and Virginia, according to data from the landlord’s June 30 quarterly report to investors.
  • The social network is also leasing data center space in Ashburn, Virginia from DuPont Fabros Technology (DFT). Although the landlord has not published the details of Facebook’s leases, data on the company’s largest tenants reveals that Facebook represents about 15 percent of DFT’s annualized base rent, which works out to about $21.8 million per year.