Greenpeace launches Unfriend Coal Video at Facebook - the so coal network

There are some out there surprised by Greenpeace's action at Facebook, but I could see this coming 2 years ago, and even blogged incorrectly that Google, Apple, Microsoft were the potential targets in July 2009 which was logical given their brand and data center build outs.

What is the First Greenpeace Data Center Target? Apple? Google? Microsoft?

Datacenterknowledge blogs on how quickly Apple is building its $1 billion dollar data center.

Apple Moving Quickly on NC Project
July 28th, 2009 : Rich Miller



Facebook's move to Oregon and the choice of coal power set Facebook as the target.

Facebook bets on coal for new Oregon data center

By Matt Stansberry, Executive Editor
29 Jan 2010 |

On Jan. 21, when Jonathan Heiliger, vice president of technical operations atFacebook announced the company would build its first data center, it wasn't a surprise that the Web giant located its facility in Oregon. What is surprising is that it will not avail itself of the region's famous hydroelectric power.

This is turning into a media battle and Greenpeace launches its latest.

Greenpeace Launches Its Latest Anti-Facebook Volley

content by Greener World Media

By Matthew Wheeland at Greener World Media

Thu Sep 16, 2010 1:00am EDT

"The Social Network" it certainly isn't, but Greenpeace today unveiled the latest front in its battle to get Facebook to change its coal-powered-data-center ways.

Timed to the release in two weeks of a feature film about the at-times-seamy beginnings of Facebook, Greenpeace has put together its own satire of the company's history.

The video is here on YouTube with 34,414 views now.

Note the play on words.



and thanks to YouTube's closed caption here is some screen shots with the words.




Here is a list of media coverage so far.  Maybe Facebook should have had a green data center strategy beyond being efficient? duh.

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