Google's next server innovation, optics?

Someone asked a good question on what Google server hardware looks like.  Decided to go up and take a look at who Google is hiring and found a position for Optics Hardware engineer.

The role: Optics Hardware Engineer

As an Optics Hardware Engineer, you will be creating useful systems for emerging computing applications in the real world. You will apply your experience designing optical systems to our projects. As a member of the R&D team, your skills will guide early component and system-architecture choices toward optimal performance, manufacturability and cost approaches for constructing highly integrated devices. You will use optical simulation tools and work hands-on to bring designs to life. You will work with other Optical, Electrical, and Mechanical engineers to prototype designs and plan for scale-up.

  • Design, implement, debug and characterize optical systems geared for emerging applications.
  • Evaluate and improve current processes and components.
  • Carry new design concepts through exploration, development, and into deployment/mass production.
  • Prepare documentation both for internal R&D use and for transfer of products to manufacturing.
  • Collaborate with other team members, including optical, electronics, mechanical engineering, and operations staff.