How important is Networking in Data Center Growth? Google has 29 open positions

With Verizon purchase of Terremark, it is interesting to watch the Telco industry figure out how to grow.

On the other side, looking at Google growing into the Telco space is interesting.  Check out these 29 open networking positions at Google.

Google Mountain View – Global Network Operations

Here is an interesting surprise.  Look at the last job Networking needs a technical program manager who focuses on Space and Power.

The role: Technical Program Manager, Space and Power

Technical Program Managers will plan, facilitate, and manage the deployment of new services purchased from third party vendors and suppliers worldwide. You will work closely with design and technical negotiation teams to assess space and power requirements to support new capacity demands. The technical program manager will be responsible for creating the facility designs and statements of work to guide build outs within new and existing locations. You will work closely with the technical negotiators to understand the terms of new contracts and arrangements including delivery targets and other technical requirements. You will manage all aspects of the site deployment process with vendor to include: site surveys, daily vendor management, walk through and final acceptance to ensure facilities are delivered on schedule and to specifications. Technical Program Managers will be responsible for facilitating communications between all relevant stakeholders both internal and external.