Who are Netflix's proponents after throwing supporters of divide the business under the bus?

Netfilx upset lots of users when they announced the splitting into Netflix and Qwikster.  There were a handful of analyst type of people who were saying that it was a good business decision.  So there were a large group of frustrated users, a small band of business people who said Netflix is doing the right thing and they should hold course.

Now that Netflix has thrown Qwikster under the bus, it also threw the handful of supporters who said dividing the business is the right thing.  How bad do you look saying Qwikster was the right thing, and 3 weeks later Netflix cancels Qwikster.

So, who is left to say Netflix is great company?

This situation will be a big lesson for companies who don't treat customers as their #1 priority.  It is clear to Netflix users that they are 2nd class citizens in Netflix's grand plans.

Also, an unintended consequence is the value of ex-Netflix employees on the job market has decreased.  This situation sure hasn't increased their value, even though there is an increase in quantity of Netflix employees thinking of exiting now that they have seen the stock drop from $300 to $110.  Morale at Netflix cannot be good.  I wonder if Amazon, Google, and a bunch of others have fired up the recruiters to hang around Netflix HQ.

The #1 resource of Netflix is great people.  The #1 proponents is loyal fans.  How many #1 things surround the Netflix brand?

The one thing that could change perception is throwing the CEO under the bus and take the blame.  How much do you think the Netflix stock would go up if the CEO quit?

Think about some of these things when running your data center.  Who is your #1 customer and how do they feel about their service?  Are they a proponent of your operations?  If not, if may explain why the business units are running to the cloud.