Don't make the mistake Lotus did, betting against the adoption of new technology, Win3.1

A long time ago, almost 20 years ago, Microsoft was launching Win3.1 while the dominant installed base was MS-DOS.   Win3.0 had done OK, but much of the installed base of apps were DOS apps.  Microsoft was trying to get developers to write Windows apps.  One of those companies who dragged their heals to create Windows app was Lotus 123.  So, when Windows 3.1 shipped you could run Lotus 123 in DOS mode or you could run another spreadsheet not as popular, but had been ported from the Mac to Windows, called Microsoft Excel.  Microsoft Excel became the spreadsheet app to use on Win3.1.  And, Lotus 123 never recovered its #1 spreadsheet market on the PC.

Amazon has launched Kindle Fire and there are companies like Netflix that will drag their heals to port their applications to the Amazon Kindle Fire.  Just because an app is dominant on Android marketplace or Apple app store doesn't mean the Kindle Fire users will wait for the port to eventually show up.

Just like when the PC was having the battle between CP/M, DOS, and Windows operating system frustrating developers.  The battle is between Google, Apple, and Amazon.

We'll see who wins and loses if Amazon Kindle Fire is a winner.