Blogging on a MacBook Air OSX Lion vs. Lenovo WIndows 7, part 1

About 3 months ago I bought a MacBook Air and posted on my transition.  Disclosure: I am biased.  I worked on the MacOs at Apple from 1985 - 1992, and Windows OS at Microsoft from 1992 - 2001.  In 2001, Windows XP was my last client OS, and I switched to work on servers and enterprise management from 2001 - 2006, and refused to use Windows Vista Beta. :-)

So, am i religious on the Mac vs. Windows?  i understand and appreciate the different perspectives

Think Different switch back to the Mac from Windows

I worked at Apple from 1985 to 1992.  The Mac was introduced in 1985 and 1991 Apple shipped System 7. I spent much of time working on Mac OS 6.0.x and System 7 was years of being immersed in Mac development.  When I moved to Microsoft to work on Win3.1 my coworkers and I spent much of time using Macs as we were working TrueType and the vast majority of tools where on the Mac.

Even though many of my friends used Macs I didn't take the time to switch.  But, yesterday I switched to a 3rd generation MacBook Air and the Lion OS.


Back when I made the switch I was loyal to Windows Live Writer as my blogging tool.

I have written a few blog entries with MarsEdit.  Downloaded photos from my Canon 7D.  Installed Office, Aperture, Lightroom as well.

I was much faster writing with Windows Live Writer, but it's only my  second day switching back to the Mac after almost 19 years.

I have Parallels installed on the MacBook Air with Windows 7 and Windows Live Writer, and guess what I have not fired up Windows 7 with Live Writer for the last month.  Marsedit is not perfect as a blogging tool and there are some features that I like on Windows Live Writer, but they are not worth the time to switch to Windows 7.

I'll write another post on the specifics of using Marsedit vs. Live Writer.

It took me about a 6 weeks to get really comfortable with the MacBook Air and OSX Lion, but keep in mind again I worked at Apple so I was a loyal religious Mac User before.

One thing I am quite pleased with on the MacBook Air is the 256GB SSD integration.