HP adds Data Center Design-Build Services preparing for Emerging Market Growth

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HP (NYSE: HPQ) has a press release on its new Data Center Design-Build capability.  Having a few days to stare at the press release  for the data center crowd, I like this description of what HP’s new Design-Build services.

“HP Critical Facilities Implementation service converges technology with strategic facilities planning to cover all aspects of client needs, whether they are updating an existing data center or building from the ground up,” said Rick Einhorn, worldwide director, Critical Facilities Services, HP. “Globally, clients rely on HP’s strategic facilities insight and experience – this includes mature geographies as well as major growth markets like China and India, where we are currently providing these CFI services for large-scale data centers.”

HP adds a 4th service Critical Facilities Implementation to the following list.

» Critical Facilities Consulting

» Critical Facilities Design

» Critical Facilities Assurance

The official press release starts with the following which is good for those who don’t know who EYP was before HP bought them.

PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 15, 2011 – HP today announced a comprehensive service that simplifies the process of designing and building data centers by offering design, construction and project management from a single vendor.

Many of you may think what changes now that HP has Data Center Design-Build services?  I’ve added plenty of data center capacity using the traditional engineering services companies and construction management companies. 

I had a chance to talk to HP’s executives. 

David Dnistran, Director, WW, HP Critical Facilities Implementation, Critical Facilities Services

Rick Einhorn, Director, WW, HP Critical Facilities Services

We quickly ran through many different topics and how HP is positioned now to address customer needs for someone to help build data centers in complex scenarios.  There are the obvious reasons why design-build makes sense to reduce risk, lower costs, and to reduce time to bring on additional data center capacity.  But what few understand is how a design-build approach is needed for emerging market data centers.  For example, the Telcos are much more involved in data center projects in emerging markets than the US.  Also, there are many times country government agencies who are involved.

Building data centers in AsiaPacific, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa are much more complex than building data centers in USA, and Western Europe.

The new HP Critical Facilities Implementation service (CFI) can lower clients’ cost of ownership by providing a single integrator that delivers all the elements of a data center design-build project from start to finish. An extension of the HP Converged Infrastructure strategy, HP CFI is an architectural blueprint for the data center of the future that allows clients to align and share pools of interoperable resources.

It was good to talk to Rick and David who understand well how complex it is to build data centers in countries like China, Brazil, and Middle East.  See this statement from HNA Group is China.

HP client HNA Group is a large multi-enterprise organization in China, encompassing air transportation, tourism services, logistics and financial services.

“As our business portfolio continues to expand, we needed to quickly create a new data center that complied with international standards,” said Li-Chao Tang, general manager, Information Technology Management, HNA Group. “HP provided us with end-to-end support for our new facility, providing first-class data center design and technology and allowing us to open as scheduled.”

HP has a Gartner quote that supports the design-build approach.

“Constructing a data center is an enormous undertaking for any business, and taking an integrated approach with a single vendor will help maximize cost and efficiency, while reducing headaches,” said Dave Cappuccio, research vice president, Gartner. “As customers’ data center computing requirements add complexity to the design-build process, comprehensive solutions that provide clients with an end-to-end experience will allow them to realize their plans within the required timeframe and constraints.”