HP Critical Facilities Implementation, aka Design-Build

I blogged about the press release on HP’s new data center design services, but at the time of posting the web site was not live.  Below is the site and PDF brochure.


Now CFI is here.

Critical Facilities Implementation

We act as prime contractor for the planning, design, building and commissioning of your data center. Our project experience and intellectual capital reduce risk. We spot single points of failure and design limitations that result in under or over sizing of equipment. We identify the potential for outages caused by improper configuration or a lack of contingency planning. And we help you avoid outdated approaches that create facility underperformance and restrict growth.

Critical Facilities Implementation Services include:

  • Data center design/build turn-key services—A turn-key solution for new greenfield (breaking ground), brownfield (existing structure) and retrofit data centers. Our experienced data center design/build project manager manages the program from requirements definition to construction services.
  • On-site services—Implementation services including construction management, general site services, data cabling, electrical and rack installation services and site surveys.
  • Flexible Data Center – A pre-modeled data center featuring prefabricated quadrants, or modules, that stem off a central administrative section. Uses industrial components to improve cost efficiencies as well as a streamlined building process with a variety of options for power and cooling distribution.

And the CFI brochure is here.