Cloud Hype reaches milestone, Toilet Humor

The cloud is everywhere and now it has reached a milestone and achieve Toilet Humor status with Chris Hoff's presentation on Commode Computing.

One nice thing about blogging about topics is it makes you read an article twice, and I missed Part 2 of the video of my first read.


Here is Chris's blog post. with more background.

Video Of My CSA Presentation: “Commode Computing: Relevant Advances In Toiletry & I.T. – From Squat Pots to Cloud Bots – Waste Management Through Security Automation”

February 19th, 2011beakerLeave a commentGo to comments

This is probably my most favorite presentation I have given.  It was really fun.  I got so much positive feedback on what amounts to a load of crap. ;)

This video is from the Cloud Security Alliance Summit at the 2011 RSA Security Conference in San Francisco.  I followed Mark Benioff from Salesforce and Vivek Kundra, CIO of the United States.