SeaMicro ships 64-bit Atom Server, 1/4 power of Xeon

SeaMicro has a press release on its latest 64-bit Intel Atom Server.


SeaMicro Now Shipping the World’s Most Energy Efficient x86 Server with New 64-bit Intel Atom N570 Processor

The New SM10000-64™ Integrates 256 Intel® Atom™ Dual-core 1.66GHz Processors – 512 64-bit Cores and 850GHz, into a 10 Rack Unit System

A Hadoop benchmark was run that beat the performance of Xeon based servers with 1/4 the power.

For example, in the Hadoop MinuteSort benchmark test (, 29 SeaMicro SM10000-64s were able to beat the performance of 1,406 dual socket quad core servers, but used just one-quarter of the power and took one-fifth the space.

Here is a Mozilla case study on using the SeaMicro box.

Mozilla compared performance on the SeaMicro
SM10000 with their incumbent system - an HP C7000
Dual Socket Quad Core L5530 Xeon Blade and found
SeaMicro to be dramatically superior on all of the
competitive dimensions: Capital expense per unit
compute, HTTP requests serviced per/Watt, and HTTP
requests serviced per Rack Unit. These advantages
combined to produce dramatic savings in both capital
expense and operating expense. On the operating
expense side, the SeaMicro SM10000 used less than
1/5 the power per request, and took less than 1/4 the
space of the HP C7000 for small transaction, high
volume workloads.

VentureBeat also covers the press announcement.

“The response has been extraordinary,” said Andrew Feldman (pictured at top), chief executive of SeaMicro. “The sucking sound in the market is unbelievable. Everybody wants low-power computing.”