Critical Flaw as Companies buy Cloud Companies, not understanding how cloud environments are built, leverage ex-Amazon Web Services team

I was chatting with a good friend who I worked with at Apple, and we were discussing how cloud environments get built.  We both left Apple 20 years ago, and we have since spent time in the enterprise services space, but we had the fun of building OS solutions while at Apple with a lot of freedom.   So, we are used to making the trade-offs to build an OS.  A Cloud computing environment in many ways is a large operating system.

What is wrong with most cloud environments?  They take too long to build and they are too prone to human error.  Just like any other IT environment.

Now if you were going to change this.  What would you say if here is a new company with these people.


What is the performance of the solution?


What does a good cloud operating system look like?


Curious who can do this?  Nimbula is the company.


How many executives who are contemplating the purchase and valuation of Rackspace spend the time to figure out that there are scalability issues in their operations?  Almost everyone looks at revenue, growth, costs, etc.  And few look at the cloud computing build and deployment processes.

Imagine a company who chooses to build a cloud computing environment with Nimbula.


Ideally you want to have a very lean smart team to build a better cloud.  You don’t want a big team of people who have been building clouds with lots of sweat and effort. 

How much do you think Rackspace is worth now if you know there are companies out there able to use a fraction of the people Rackspace has building a more reliable cloud computing service?

oh yeh, I had the pleasure of meeting Willem and Reza at Gartner Data Center Conference, and I was quite impressed.

Willem van Biljon, co-Founder and Vice President of Products

Willem is a senior technology executive and entrepreneur who started his career building a unix-based operating system for mini-computers and the first retail debit card payment system for one of the largest retailers in South Africa. Building on that expertise, he co-founded Mosaic Software to build the first high-end payment transaction switch for commodity hardware and operating systems. Mosaic became one of the world's leading EFT companies with operations in more than 30 countries and was successfully sold to S1 Corp. in 2004. Willem then joined Amazon to develop the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service business plan and to drive product management and marketing for the service. Willem is a graduate of the University of Cape Town.

Reza Malekzadeh, Vice President, Marketing

Reza brings solid enterprise software marketing experience to Nimbula. Previously, he was Senior Director of Products and Marketing at VMware in EMEA, where he was responsible for all marketing activities in VMware’s second largest theater. Reza had re-joined VMware in June 2007 following its acquisition of Akimbi Systems. He had previously been employee #10 at the company, fulfilling the role of Director of Marketing from 1998 to 2002. Prior to joining VMware, Reza was Vice President for International business at Akimbi Systems where he drove significant international growth, including sales, marketing and channel operations. Before working at Akimbi, Reza co-founded Twingo Systems, which he successfully sold to Cisco Systems in 2004. Reza holds an MBA in Marketing and Business Strategy from HEC in Paris.