Could Google be a Server Hardware supplier?

We all know Google builds their own server hardware.  From what Google has learned building their own servers, could they get in the server business selling Google appliances for those who want to own the infrastructure and not go to the cloud.

Why would I think this could happen because I took a look at Google's platform jobs and saw 2 EMC (electromagnetic compliance) job openings which would typically be done for regulatory approvals like EN, FCC, VCCI, ETSI, CISPR, Telcordia etc

Here is the list of Google job openings in the platform group. The EMC jobs are #2 and #3.

Google Mountain View – Platforms

If Google gets into the Mobile, and Tablet business.  Why not Server?

If anyone could turn the Server industry upside down Google could.

Or could Google change the hosting business by renting Google Servers in Google hosted data centers.  That is one way to get around security and regulatory issues with current cloud offerings.

When I look at the list of jobs, sure does like a hardware manufacturing team.  And, this is just the open positions.