Portugal Telco builds one data center as big as current capacity


Data Center Dynamics has a post on Portugal Telecom doubling its data center capacity with one building.

Portugal Telecom builds giant data center

Will service EU cloud and storage market by doubling nation’s DC capacity

Published 8th February, 2011 by Penny Jones

Portugal Telecom

Portugal Telecom said it is building one of Europe’s largest data centers, with more than 45,000 sq m of operational space for 50,000 servers and covering two levels.

The build alone will double Portugal’s entire data center capacity.

The data center’s main focus will be on storage but it will also be used to support communications and cloud computing services offered by Portugal Telecom.

There will be some green power.

The Covilhã data center will be powered using an adjacent windfarm, according to reports.

And, the build out fits in a strategy to expand services

Recently Portugal Telecom bought a US$5bn stake in Oi, Brazil’s biggest telecoms group, a deal which put the company in place of Spain’s Telefonica which used to hold market share in the region. It said the deal would help it move further into the mobile broadband and pay-TV space.



Under the terms of the agreement now formalised, Portugal Telecom will hold a stake of at least 22.3% in Oi, with a disbursement of R$ 8.32bn. It will also consolidate 44.4% of CTX, the controlling holding that will manage the incorporation of Dedic within Contax, thus creating significant synergies for both call centre companies. According to the terms of the initial agreement, Oi may acquire a stake of up to 10% in Portugal Telecom. PT and Oi will thus have morethan 83 million customers and 130,000 employees.