Feb 2011, who visits GreenM3

It has been a month since I switched to Squarespace and a good time to check Google Analytics for some data.

The Top 10 Service Providers are ISPs as expected.


What gets more interesting is the companies who are listed as Service Providers.  Note: it can be difficult sometimes to separate a Telecom company visiting vs. an ISP so I am not including Telecoms in the following list of companies.  Here is a sample from a scan of who is reading GreenM3 from their work locations.

  • Microsoft
  • RIM
  • Cisco
  • HP
  • Emerson
  • Dell
  • APC
  • Intel
  • Extreme Networks
  • Apple
  • Opera Software
  • Amazon.com
  • IBM
  • Savvis
  • AMD
  • Hughes Network Systems
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Seamicro
  • Boeing
  • Waggener Edstrom
  • Best Buy
  • Softbank
  • Oracle
  • Yahoo
  • Data Center Dynamics
  • EMC
  • Facebook
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Accenture