And, thanks to the good folks at Lunarpages, BestGreenWebHostingDeal is shut down

I’ve been blogging about the BestGreenWebHostingDeal that has been copying my content, and now thanks to folks at LunarPages the url now says.

Visitors, we are sorry, however, this site is experiencing difficulties at this time. Please return later.

Webmaster, please contact us by email at or via Lunarpages Helpdesk at Thank you for choosing Lunarpages (

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It was pretty convenient that the bot used to copy my content copied this post 100%.

Next step in stopping a Content Farm from stealing content, contacting web hoster

TUESDAY, MARCH 22, 2011 AT 1:56PM

I posted about BestGreenWebHostingDeal stealing my content.   I have tried to contact the owner of the site, but no response.

Next step I contacted the web hosting company and they asked for the following information.  As part of what they ask for below I plan on using this post as example of how BestGreenWebHostingDeal copies my content as it will be only a matter of minutes before their content bot scrapes my site and posts this up.  And here is the copy of my site

Hello Dave

Thank you for contacting Lunarpages regarding your recent copyright concerns. Please be advised that Lunarpages takes copyright issues very seriously and has implemented policies and procedures specifically to deal with claims such as yours pursuant to applicable law so as to protect the rights of all parties involved.