C3 Energy Resource Management looks closer to announcing, job postings for sales, finance and HR

I was talking to some environmental friends at The Green Grid and one of the companies we chatted briefly about is www.c3-e.com

Energy Resource Management

C3 Mission

C3 enables organizations to maximize profitability and
cash flow by optimizing their enterprise energy strategy
and carbon footprint.

Curious I went to their site and saw they have positions open for sales, finance and HR which means they should be closer to announcing.

Hara would seem like the natural competitor to Hara.  Here is Hara's engineering positions open.


Flex Developer
San Mateo, CA

Java Developer
San Mateo, CA

Java Developer
San Mateo, CA

Software Development Manager
San Mateo, CA

Here is C3-E.

Software Engineering

I am much more impressed with C3-E than Hara.  I can't find anyone I know who knows what the Hara technology is.  But, Hara is in the cloud.

Hara EEM: Cloud Infrastructure

Rich customer experience and lower cost of operations

Hara™ Environmental and Energy Management (Hara EEM) is powered by a state of the art cloud infrastructure that brings together analytics, integration services and standardized content to provide a rich customer experience and reduce total cost of operations. With this cloud-based delivery model, there is no software to install, no hardware to buy and users can start getting value out of the application in days instead of weeks and months.

For customers interested in alternate deployment and delivery models, Hara EEM is also architected to be location-independent from a deployment perspective.


Hara EEM provides a rich set of reports and dashboards to slice and dice your environmental and energy information from various perspectives. Our easy to use user interface allows users to get to the information quickly and focus on decision making, instead of data entry and learning the application.


Hara EEM supports multiple multi-mode data gathering using automated and manual means. Customers can leverage a comprehensive set of web services to integrate Hara EEM with existing systems within their enterprise.


Customers need outside content such as emission factors, best practices, incentives and rebates in order to make decisions related to various sustainability efforts in their organizations. Hara EEM provides pre-packaged content and a seamless user experience that combines customer specific data with standardized outside content.

When you get to the resource center for more information you need to provide information for a sales rep.