Twitter follows Facebook, both are looking for Server HW Supply Chain Managers

I posted about Facebook looking for a Manager of supply chain operations for server hardware.  The job posting is still open.

But, there is a bit of competition as Twitter also has a job posting open for a Technical Supplier Negotiator (Datacenter Hardware).

About This Job
Do you like to build data center infrastructure? Hardware Operations is looking for an experienced and self-motivated person to help build out Twitter’s growing data center compute power. We’re looking for someone to lead the supply purchasing processes. You should be comfortable working at both the tactical and strategic levels.

  • Lead the purchasing strategy and execution for hardware
  • Own the total supplier relationship for Twitter’s supply base  
  • Lead all supplier negotiations and execute supplier contract agreements
  • Drive continuous supplier improvement performance programs

If you were qualified for this job would you rather work at Facebook or Twitter? 

One of the biggest problems with a person taking the job at Facebook or Twitter is you would most likely be the one person who does this job, and you don’t have peers to work together with.  There will be support people, and internal customers, but there are logistics expertise is not common in Internet companies.

Why is this an issue?  In my early days I was a distribution logistics engineer at HP, but the only one in the division.  Others who I could discuss ideas with were in other divisions, not my division.  Compare this to being a distribution logistics engineer at UPS or FedEx where there are many times dozens of people with this job role.  For the same reason groups can out innovate the most experienced individual, there are risk to be the only person working in a role.

This role should possibly be outsourced in addition to an internal hire.  Where?  A company that could help out a supply chain manager is Redapt.   I think it is time to go have beers with the Redapt folks at Black Raven Brewing and have discussion on this idea.


Someone asked who is Redapt?  Here are quotes with some customers.


From start to finish, Redapt made our project a success by introducing innovative technologies and delivering fully integrated racks ahead of schedule.

Mark Stockford, VP of Production Operations, Zynga

Online "E"tailer

Redapt addresses our needs and finds the best solution to our problem. They have proven to be a true partner who really cares about our needs and expectations. We look forward to partnering with them in the future.

Client, National Sporting Goods Retailer


Redapt is fearless in finding new ways to identify, work and close complex opportunities.  I am always impressed with their commitment to educating their team on leading edge technology, competition and what's new and hot in the industry.

Leslie Johnston, IBM