Amazon's outages creates opportunity for Cloud Services that are transparent

Greenpeace tried to get information about Amazon Web Services cloud environment to determine an environmental impact.  Greenpeace scored Amazon an F.


Geekwire has an written by a Seattle SW developer Keith Smith discussing the communication problem from Amazon and lack of transparency.

Today that lack of transparency has continued.

As problems continued throughout the day, we experienced the obvious frustration from the system failure. But Amazon’s communication failure was even more alarming.

7:30a on Apr 22.  Keith Smith's company Big Door is still down.


Isn't a bit ironic that the cloud is built on open source software, yet the services delivered look no different than proprietary closed systems when you dig for answers to tough questions like an environmental impact and what caused an outage?

Is cloud transparency a future feature differentiator?  Right now all the clouds are pretty obscure.