Greenpeace flies a blimp over Facebook HQ promoting a Greener Data Center

MercuryNews has an article with a picture of a Greenpeace sponsored blimp asking Facebook to join the energy revolution.

The environmental organization Greenpeace flies a blimp over Facebook's Palo Alto, Ca. headquarters on Thursday, April 14. Greenpeace has been urging Facebook to "UnFriend Coal" and to stop using coal and nuclear to power its data centers. ( courtesy of Greenpeace )

The Greenpeace Green IT team was at Green:NET 2011 presenting its report on data centers.  There was one company with their data center team in the Greenpeace presentation, but not Google, Apple, Yahoo, Microsoft, or any of the others in the Greenpeace report.

In a report released Thursday, Greenpeace, the environmental organization, takes companies like Apple (AAPL), Facebook and Twitter to task for powering their data centers with what it calls "dirty energy." Greenpeace wants tech companies to commit to clean, renewable energy sources, saying the world is running out of time as electricity demand skyrockets and the planet faces the potential for catastrophic climate change.

"We need to get off of coal as fast as we can," said Gary Cook, the report's author and head of Greenpeace's Cool IT Campaign. "Tech companies see themselves as being innovators, but when it comes to electricity they are buying it off the rack as cheaply as they can. If our campaign is successful, no one will want to be associated with coal."

Some may think the Greenpeace guys will go away, but my bets are this is the beginning.