The Media Data Center War - Apple started with Music, Amazon started with Books, who will win?

Engadget reports reports on the Amazon Android powered Tablet for the Summer of 2011.

Amazon to take on Apple this summer with Samsung-built tablet?

By Thomas Ricker posted Apr 21st 2011 6:35AM

You really should pay attention when Engadget's founder, Peter Rojas speaks about the tech industry. Especially when he leads into a story like this:

It's something of an open secret that Amazon is working on an Android tablet and I am 99 percent certain they are having Samsung build one for them.

Which makes sense to follow the announcement of Amazon's cloud drive.


One data center guy I was talking to said the Apple guys aren't worried about Cloud Drive as Amazon will get sued.  I made the point that that makes sense if you are Apple, but not necessarily if you are Amazon.  Apple has had media companies like Apple Records battling the company for decades.  Amazon is looking to disrupt Apple's business models.  The huge margins Apple makes are opportunities for Bezo's crowd.

The battle for who will win the next media battle will be fought in the cloud in addition to the devices.  The data centers are key to the strategy. I place my bets on Amazon.  The media and loyal Mac users will be on Apple.  Amazon's thin retail margins has forced them to think efficiently, whereas Apple promotes think differently.

BTW, thinking efficiently usually aligns with less energy which is better for a green data center.