Data Center Productivity Plan, lean is better with process improvement

One of my readers who shares his hockey passion with my family sent this MicKinsey article "data center goes lean" where average problem resolution is reduced 40 to 60 percent.

A data center goes lean

Lean transformations can help organizations supporting IT infrastructure to increase their productivity, improve service, and lift morale.

MARCH 2011 • Henrik Andersson, Gary Moe, and Lawrence Wong

The support units that manage and maintain key elements of IT infrastructure—such as servers, networks systems, and data storage—are prone to performance breakdowns that stem from complex and disordered workflows.

The report has interactive graphics on before.


and after.


the ideas are good, but there is one flaw I quickly found. in the above picture.  They show false alerts, valueless activities as being eliminated and going to the trash.


The false alerts and valueless data should be analyzed.