Great People at SNW conference, people who like Data Centers

I wrote about about the Ray Johnston concert hosted by DCS, but I was going to skip the concert to be with my kids who flew with me to SJC to see grandma during spring break.  Kevin Ehringer, CTO/Founder of Data Center Sys told me bring your kids to the concert.


Wyatt, Ray Johnston, and Ashley

It was actually pretty cool to bring my kids to their first technology conference party, listening to great music, being the only kids in the museum, eating great food and desserts, and socializing.


The kids were entertaining to the tech crowd as the only kids there, and I was able to introduce them to cool people like Chris Crosby and Ginger.


After the official concert, I dropped off the kids at grandma's house and went back for the after party private concert.  It was a good to chat and hang out, but made for a long night.

My first SNW has good memories and my kids had a blast.  I won't tell them the next SNW is is Orlando. Smile

SNW Fall 2011 will take place:

October 10-13, 2011
JW Grande Lakes
Orlando, Florida