Designing a Cloud Friendly Data Center, Jim Kennedy RagingWire & Peter Panfil Liebert

Considerations to think about in Cloud Data Centers is how Jim and Peter kicked off their presentation of what a cloud data center is.

Jim made an interesting point that RagingWire stopped using the Tier rating system in its data centers as it confused the users.  RagingWire's focus is illustrated in the following slide where redundancy of the entire eco-system is a requirement.


To create a cloud data center Jim makes the point that the data center needs to be more sensitive to the load being run.  And the last point made below is a difficult one - getting "DC infrastructure and IT operations to work together to solve this complex problem."


I just wrote about the separation between Facility Ops and IT, so I share many of the same views Jim and Peter are sharing.

Blue Collar vs. White Collar, understanding the separation between data center ops, IT, and business units

WEDNESDAY, MAY 4, 2011 AT 7:08AM

I posted on the idea of a System Program Manager in the data center.  In the same conversation I referenced, my friend and I were discussing how different data center ops is versus IT, let alone the business units who don't get their hands dirty. Getting your hands dirty is viewed by many as beneath them.

After listening to Jim and Peter, I have a simple way to explain what a Cloud Data Center is ... The Cloud Data Center takes what is typically separate groups roles and integrates the individuals into a more efficient team.  A team to provide data center services so customers get better uptime and availability for a given cost.   How well the team functions has a direct relationship to how well the cloud data center runs.  Cloud is IaaS, PaaS, SaaS are integration of teams to provide a service.

How many data center problems occur because individuals don't communicate as much as they should?  All it takes is one individual's mistake to bring down the whole team.