4 years of writing on the Green Data Center Topic

I went up to Google Trends to search the "green data center" topic.


The Green Data Center topic has ridden the wave of overall data center coverage by the media.


In 2006 is when I started researching the green data center topic, then in Oct 2007 is when I published an article in Microsoft's TechNet magazine on green data centers.

Building a Green Datacenter


17 Sep 2007 5:05 PM

The upcoming October 2007 issue of TechNet Magazinebegins what we hope will be an ongoing dialog on the topic of Green Computing. This is an exciting topic for us, given not only how much there is to cover, but how much potential this topic holds - to improve IT, save a great deal of money, and have a really substantial and lasting impact on the environment.

Dave Ohara kicks off the conversation in his article "Build a Green Datacenter". In it, Dave discusses the concepts that define the topic of Green computing, and also gives some specific, practical advice on how you can get started.

A few months later another Microsoft friend Bob Visse encouraged me to blog on the green data center topic.  I worked with Bob on Windows 2000 when one of the duties I had was program manager for Windows 2000's power management features.  Back in 1999, I was talking to OEMs about power savings, and I was crazy enough then to try and have conversations with the Server OEMs who thought I was being silly to discuss power management features in servers.

Twelve years later, performance per watt is top issue for servers with Intel Atom and ARM servers challenging the established players.

I am in the early stages of researching some other data center ideas.  It will be interesting to see where the data center industry will be in 4 years.

Thanks for continuing to visit this blog.

-Dave Ohara