Diversity is better for innovation, commonality is better for managers

The Green Data Center has become a common term, and quite frankly I am getting bored.  Same stuff, LEED certification, solar panels, lower PUE, etc.  Are these really innovation or the accepted terms for what green data centers exhibit?

What is really innovative in green data center design?

I think the new stuff is going to be integration of complete systems not data center features that gets marketed.  But, getting a bunch of smart people all together doesn't necessarily support innovation.  Why?  Read this article for an example of the problem.

Great Minds Thinking Alike Doesn’t Foster Innovation

February 4, 2011 in Article, Innovation, Links | by John Philpin | Leave a comment

This article delivered through the ‘Interwebs’ this very morning. Our thanks to our friends at Perfect Labour Storm. A great read – do you agree. What do you think ?

“Great minds think alike” – I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that in my life. In fact, I probably spoke those very words dozens of times.  But new research is questioning how effective sameness is as a competitive strategy.  One recent study suggests that similar minds might make management easier, but it doesn’t breed innovation.

Some of the most boring meetings I've had is when the whole team from one company thinks the same and the conversations are within the boundaries.  If everyone looks the same, there is a high probability they think the same.

An article published in Inc. magazine highlights a recent study, which set out to discover how employee diversity within workgroups affects the group’s overall performance.  According to Bill Swann, a professor of psychology at University of Texas at Austin where the study was completed, groups with members who “externalized their personal identities” (i.e. students who expressed individuality) were more successful than groups with members who tended to downplay their personalities.  A few experts offered advice how diversity within a company can be used as a strategic advantage to “create better innovation, better products, and ultimately, a better company.”

How diverse is your data center team?