On the road with my new Verizon 4G wifi modem, on the bus 8 Mb down, 5Mb up

On April 18, Verizon finally shipped the Verzion 4G Novatel 4510L modem, and I upgraded right away from my 3G modem.  I am on a bus now riding to Seattle, then taking the light rail to the airport.  How fast is my 4G modem on a bus on the freeway?  Speedtest results.


Many of my travelling friends use the Verizon mifi 3G modem, so I expect them to upgrade soon. 

I don't know about you, but I am totally frustrated with free internet in hotels and conferences.  The bandwidth sucks too many times.  I've gotten as high as 12Mb down and 8 Mb up on my 4G modem.  For the monthly subscription fee, this is a no brainer.

Here is the Verizon web page.  I held out for the Novatel modem, passing on the Samsung.