Describing my blogger role, Fiercely Independent Guy (FIG)

I've been having a good time at 7x24 Exchange, and many of the people I see are good friends who I chat with and see regularly.  Part of going to a conference is to meet new people, and many times I am introduced as a blogger which many times brings up why I blog and how I make money.  One of my friends was describing what  I do and he made a description that is sticking in my mind.  Dave is a fiercely independent guy.

independent - free from external control and constraint; "an independent mind"; "a series of independent judgments"; "fiercely independent individualism"

I just ran into one of the new guys who I met at 7x24 before he headed out the door.  We chatted a bit, and he brought in up again.  "You are the FIG, fiercely independent guy."

This could be a fun title to put on a business card. FIG-Fiercely, Independent, Guy