Funny Story, how I got my Job at Apple Computer from HP

Back in 1990-1992 I was an Industrial Engineer at HP's Personal Computer Distribution Operation (PCDO), working on distribution logistics, packaging engineering, and a bunch of other technologies like Bar Codes and material handling equipment.


Around October 1991, I interviewed at Apple for a distribution engineering job at Apple.  In my final interview at Apple, Barry Vorpahl the hiring manager said "we really like your background for the job, but you don't seem like you are really interested in the job."  I told Barry, "well, I am in the middle of a project right now, and I don't want to leave until I finish."  Barry replied, "That's OK.  How long until your project is done?"  I casually responded, "6 months."  Barry, gasps, "6 months, we can't wait that long."

I had a pleasant closing interview with Cheryl Erickson who worked in Apple HR.

Around, Mar 1992,  I got a call from Apple and asked if I was interested in the job at Apple.  What job?  The job I interview for 6 months ago.  They hadn't found a fit, and were impressed that I wanted to stick with my project until the end. One month later, I started working at Apple.

I didn't know a lot about interviewing back then, but I would have never thought that the first step in getting a job at Apple was saying I was too busy.

I am writing this up as some friends of mine are being recruited, and I am telling them it is OK to say you are too busy if you are.