Thinking air-side economizer use, consider Seattle has had only 351 minutes of over 80 degrees this summer

I know this will not make you locate your data center in Seattle, but this is a fun piece of weather trivia.  As of July 24 there have been only 351 minutes of over 80 degree weather this summer.

Seattle soaks up some summer -- 273 minutes of it to be exact

By Scott Sistek

Story Created: Jul 24, 2011 at 9:39 PM PDT

For a while, it seemed Seattle was about to cement its legacy as home of the 78-minute summer.

But no more.

With a nice warm, sunny Sunday, Seattle now has had its first extended "summer experience" which I had defined as 80 degrees or warmer at the University of Washington.

The total tally was 273 minutes Sunday (4 hours, 33 minutes) bringing our entire Seattle summer experience up to a whopping 351 minutes.

I have joked that if Global Warming happens we are going to see a migration to the Pacific Northwest.

And Texas is on the end of the spectrum.

Meanwhile, in Waco, the streak continues for now. Thursday's high of 103 degrees marks the 29th straight triple-digit day and the 46th such day of 2011.