Who will be the new Carbon Data Center target for Greenpeace?

I take it for granted that the Green Data Center idea has caught on.  DatacenterDynamics published an article about Interxion being powered by 100% green energy.

Interxion purchases 100% green energy for Zurich data center

Increases reductions in emissions by purchasing elecricity generated by renewables

Published 8th July, 2011 by Penny Jones

Eddy Van den Broeck, managing director of Interxion (Schweiz) AG

Interxion has chosen to use 100% ‘green energy’ for its Zurich data center, signing up to receive electricity produced by solar and hydroelectric power from energy provider Energie Opfikon.

The colocation provider was already using some hydroeclectric-generated energy from the company, but had recently undergone an expansion which led it to take on the 100% offering.

But that doesn't mean everyone thinks having a green (low carbon) data center is important.  Some have said the cloud is greener, but Greenpeace pointed out cloud data centers have carbon impacts.


I have some ideas who would be the next potential targets for Greenpeace identifying a high carbon data center.  We'll see if I can figure out who the next Greenpeace data center target is.

I wrote two years ago, thinking the targets where Apple, Google, or Microsoft, but Facebook surprised us all as the data center target for Greenpeace.

My guess is it is going to be someone who we wouldn't expect as all the big data center operators have low carbon data center strategies.