Attending Intel Developer Forum, Sept 13 - 15, 2011

Summer is almost over, and it is time to get back on the road.  My first trip is to Intel Developer Forum.


I last went to IDF 2 years ago, and I know I'll see some great people at the event.

Here are a few of the tracks that look interesting.

Cloud Computing: Evolution of the Data Center

Cloud computing is an important transition and a paradigm shift in IT services delivery–one that promises large gains in efficiency, agility, and flexibility at a time when demands on data centers are growing exponentially. In this track, get the latest insights into Intel’s Cloud 2015 Vision. Hear about advancements in compute, network, and storage for the cloud data center that provides greater security, efficiency, data center simplification, and enabling client-aware clouds. Plus, get the latest on industry-enabling activities, reference architectures, and proven solutions for cloud computing.

Data Center Performance

In today's world of space and power constrained data centers a new class of servers and solutions is emerging that allow users an additional level of flexibility and control over their data centers as well as alleviating many traditional data center concerns.  At the foundation of these new technologies are Intel® server platforms, which fuel the world's businesses while delivering breakthrough levels of performance and efficiency.  In this track we’ll discuss Intel's unique way to address data center performance needs by implementing Intel® technology.

Eco-Technology: Environment and Productivity at its Best with Energy-Efficient Products and Technologies

Getting the best environmental impact, performance, and return from your computer system investment requires consideration of material resources, energy efficiency in design, procurement, asset power management, and deployment. This track offers an overview of Intel’s Eco-Technology strategy. Topics include: developing software that can instrument applications for productivity and efficiency; a case study on designing low-power servers; regulatory issues surrounding energy efficiency; and a look into the future of materials restrictions and positioning strategies.

Intel Labs: Innovating for the Future

Researchers at Intel Labs are innovating today for the new and advanced compute experiences of tomorrow. Learn what our researchers are doing across the computing spectrum to create technology that is more secure, more efficient, and highly adaptive to an ever-changing environment.

Storage Technologies for Tomorrow's Data Center

This track covers data center storage challenges and how Intel® storage technologies enable breakthrough, energy-efficient performance, data protection, and scalability for public and private cloud storage solutions. You'll hear about the key cloud storage usage models and reference rack solutions for the usage models. Also included is Intel's converged storage server technology, including updates on small business/home storage systems and the Intel® Intelligent Storage Acceleration Library (Intel® ISA-L).