Quincy Data Center Diesel Generator Count is up to 132 with Dell and Sabey most recent addition

Wenatchee World has an article on the diesel generators permitted by the Washington Dept of Ecology.

Ecology issues more generator permits

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

QUINCY — The state Department of Ecology on Friday issued an air quality permit to Sabey Corp., allowing the company to install 44 backup generators for a 520,000-square-foot Intergate-Quincy Data Center in case of a power outage.

On Aug. 5, Ecology approved 28 backup generators for the Dell Data Center in Quincy. Last year, Microsoft won approval to expand its diesel generators to 37, and early this year, Yahoo! was granted permission to increase its generators to 23.

This brings the total diesel generators permitted to 132.

That brings the total number of approved backup generators in Quincy to 132.

The state agency evaluated the potential health risks from that much diesel exhaust, which has several toxic pollutants.