Open Compute Project heads to NYC Oct 27, 2011 Registration is open on Sept 9

Open Compute Project had its West Coast event on June 17, 2011.  And the next OCP event will be in NYC Oct 27.  Registration will be open on Sept 9 at

Luckily I was planning a trip with some data center executives that week and I have registered myself and others for the event.


Here is a summary of the last OCP event in Palo Alto.

Reflections on the Open Compute Summit

by Yael Maguire on Wednesday, June 22, 2011 at 2:24pm

Facebook hosted the first Open Compute Summit last Friday to grow the community forming around the Open Compute Project.


More than 200 people traveled from around the world to participate in the event, representing many of the great technology and finance companies. After morning presentations, the group broke into a series of smaller discussions focused on a variety of topics ranging from server design to management software to how the ecosystem is evolving.


Doubling the Compute Density

Amir Michael, Facebook’s hardware design manager, introduced our new initiatives in server hardware, presenting new AMD and Intel motherboard designs that double the compute density relative to our original designs.


Instead of placing a single motherboard in each chassis, we’re now building servers with two narrow motherboards sitting next to each other. These motherboards support the next generation of Intel processors and AMD’s Interlagos. To enable these new designs, we’ve also modified the server chassis, power supply (700W output from 450W), server cabinet, and battery backup cabinet.