Steve Manos accepts leadership role at Norland Managed Services as GM of North America, parties don't stop

Steve Manos announced he was leaving Lee Technologies.

I hope this email finds everyone well rested and recharged from the oasis that is the last week of the year.  It is with mixed emotion that I type this email to notify everyone of my resignation from Lee Technologies to pursue a new endeavor in 2012.  All of you have played a role in my life here at Lee over the last few years whether as clients, partners, co-workers, vendors, etc.  For whatever form our relationship has taken, it is your friendship that has bound us and I am grateful to have forged that during my time here.  Lee Technologies has been an incredible experience for me and the organization has provided me tremendous opportunity and growth.


I believe a Roman philosopher once said that from all endings come new beginnings.  Many of you will agree that, in my case, a more fitting proverb would be that of an Irish nature.


The Parting Glass


Of all the money that e'er I had, 
I spent it in good company. 
And all the harm I've ever done, 
alas it was to none but me. 
And all I've done for want of wit 
to memory now I can't recall; 
So fill to me the parting glass, 
Good night and joy be to you all. 

Of all the comrades that e'er I had, 
They're sorry for my going away. 
And all the sweethearts that e'er I had, 
They'd wish me one more day to stay. 
But since it falls unto my lot, 
That I should rise and you should not, 
I gently rise and I’ll softly call, 
Good night and joy be to you all.

Steve has a new job that will be public soon, but given his new role is starting a North America operations and the web site will not be ready for a couple of weeks Steve let me share what his new job is.  Steve will be General Manager of Norland Managed Services for North America.  This means for those of you who use Norland in Europe, you will now have the option of using the same company in the USA.

Critical Environment Services

We maintain the ‘mission critical’ engineering and infrastructure facilities fundamental to a clients business – facilities whose failure would have a major impact on profit, revenue and reputation.

Working round the clock, our specialist staff oversee and maintain the complex technical infrastructure of leading banks and financial service institutions, data centres, telecommunications, high security broadcasting production and research facilities.

We have harnessed Norland’s unrivalled experience and expertise to develop our pioneering approach ‘Critical Engineering and Risk Management’  (CERM™), which has reduced the operational risk of incidents in critical environments by up to 80%.

Installing and sustaining the correct culture is fundamental to the application and ongoing success of CERM™. We work with our clients to ensure that the entire team is immersed in risk reduction. Change management tools, specialised training, and Norland’s unique management style will support swift culture change, and then sustain this over the long term.

Research has shown that over 90% of business impacts can be traced to a failure of people or process. We’ve taken best practice from nuclear, petrochem and aviation maintenance to develop a bespoke human factors approach which focuses on reducing risk through people.

Steve has created a following with his Lee Tech on Tap and Parties in LV.  And, written quite a few popular blog posts.  I have given Steve the same advice I gave to his brother Mike.  Develop your own brand.  Develop your own blog and twitter following.  Lee Tech on Tap needs to be renamed to Manos on Tap or something like that.

(and yes, the Steve Manos parties in Vegas and other places will continue…)

We'll see when the next LV party is.

Is this the last of Great Steven Manos LV parties, now that Lee Tech is part of Schneider Electric?

Steven Manos asked me if I had any pictures from the party at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas at AFCOM/Data Center World 2011


Steven Manos and Katie O'Hara (no relation to me Dave Ohara)

If you are having fun at a LV party the last thing you want is a blogger taking pictures, so I don't bring a camera.