Google's Strategy of Using Images to tell the Data Center Story works

This morning I got a chance to chat with the Google folks about their blog post announcing an inside look at their data centers.  Google had successfully used video to tell the story of send.  Videos are good, but I've always been a still image type of person.  One of the ideas we discussed is the power of images.  The images are a status of what is seen.  When you show images people use their own perspectives to evaluate the truth of the image. 

If you go to the original Google post by Urs Hoelzle it is not long.  The images shared tell a much bigger story.

One image from street view is this blue curtained area.  What is behind the curtain?


One of the funnier ones is where the writer focused on the stormtrooper.

Google Stormtrooper Guards Company's Data Center Secrets In Street View (PHOTOS)

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google storm trooper

Upon closer inspection, the trooper appears to be accompanied by a miniature R2D2. (Google, you old prankster, you.)

Here are a few more links that give you an idea of the range of interpretations.


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