ssshhh, don't say anything about trans-Atlantic circuits being down

I've heard from a few that some trans-Atlantic circuits are down.  With power outages and flooding from Sandy, some data centers are reported out, but what doesn't get much news is the trans-Atlantic circuits.

GigaOm's Barb Darrow has a post on this topic.

Superstorm Sandy wreaks havoc on internet infrastructure

Data center sites and colocation centers in and around New York City are struggling to stay online with varying degrees of success. And there are reports of intermittent issues with undersea cables crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

Updated: Hurricane Sandy continued to take a toll on internet infrastructure in New York City and beyond on Tuesday.

  • There were sporadic issues with undersea cable Atlantic Crossing-2 (or AC-2), sources said. These cables are the main data lifeline between continents.

Here is a close up of one company's trans-Atlantic connections at risk.