Woohoo, Dell ships 1,000,000th server from Data Center Solutions Group

Dell started 5 years with a different idea to develop custom servers for the Internet companies who had different needs than enterprise IT.  Yesterday Dell announced its 1,000,000th server shipment.

One Million Reasons to Celebrate – DCS Ships its One Millionth Server


 The idea behind Dell Data Center Solutions (DCS) all started with a sketch on the back of a napkin.  A new breed of customer – Internet companies building giant data center capacity – found themselves in need of a new type of server to support their massive scale. This trend didn't go unnoticed over at Dell. In 2007, an intrepid band of scrappy, entrepreneurial-minded engineers under Forrest Norrod saw this opportunity and created a business targeted at specifically addressing these unique needs, and a new server segment along the way. They began creating solutions around servers designed specifically for massive scale environments or what would become known as the cloud.

This group combined a start-up mentality with the resources of a global technology powerhouse – the perfect synergy of pioneer spirit, innovative thinking, and deep technical and marketplace expertise.

Here is a YouTube video that goes along with the announcement.

Barton George sent me the above info from his post.

Here is a graphic that shows the accomplishment.