Can you hear the leaks in the Data Center hype bubble?

I haven't written a post for a few days. My main machine needed to go in for repairs, and it took me offline for two days and forced me to go to back-up computers.  Instead of getting frustrated I went with the flow and spent more time reading and thinking.

What comes to mind is the number of things that are not panning out to meet the hype.

Like what?  The Yahoo Chicken coop.  DCK took a trip in the Yahoo chicken coop.

Inside Yahoo’s ‘Chicken Coop’ Data Center

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If you’re a regular reader of Data Center Knowledge, you’ve seen plenty of images we’ve posted of the Yahoo Computing Coop data center in Lockport, New York. But we’ve never seen any video from inside the facility until we came across this footage on YouTube from the grand opening of the data center. There’s brief comments from politicians and executives, but also some views of the racks and aisles. This video runs about 5 minutes.

The media was all excited.  Who else is building a chicken coop type of design?

The Modular Data Center has almost every data center company saying they can go modular or containers.  Where is the massive container park DC?  There a few, but modular doesn't seem as big as the hype.

DCIM is supposed to be big.  Many are using systems, but they are finding out how much there is marketing hype vs. the reality of operating DCIM.

The number of data center consultants, real estate, and site selection people has added a lot more people over the past 5 years, but the business has not grown as much.

The data center shows are not as crowded as they used to be and the vendors are questioning their marketing spend.

Thanks to Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google data centers are in the media more often, but the number of data centers isn't even close to the increase in media coverage.

You could look at all of this as leaks in the data center hype bubble.  The bubble will not burst like other hyped events, but it does seem like you can hear the air deflating out of the bubble.