Tip for 7x24 Exchange Attendees, spend a bit more time to enjoy the location

The 7x24 Exchange staff goes through a lot of effort to find a locate for their conferences. I've had the pleasure of attending the last 4 conferences in Phoenix and Florida.  The first two I flew out within hours of the last session, but the last two I stuck around a bit longer.  In Florida I got a chance to relax with some other attendees and have pleasant conversations.

Yesterday the conference ended and I had 6 hours to enjoy the pool.  Four conference attendees are enjoying the sun in this picture.  I won't point them out, but we are all Pacific Northwest residents so getting a few hours of sun in 80 degrees before we go to the clouds and cold was well worth it.


What was the best part is I got a chance to catch up with 7x24 staff and enjoy a lunch conversation with the white noise from the waterfall.


As much as I enjoyed the 7x24 conference, some of the best discussions were by the pool after the conference.