What Data Center events am I going to next?

After catching up with many at 7x24 Exchange, a common conversation is where will you be next.

Will I be at Gartner Data Center in LV? No


Why No?  I have gone to Gartner two times and met great people while hanging in the hallways.  But, I really don't learn much sitting in the presentations other than what is the current Gartner position which would be useful if my business model was to be Gartner follower.  If your users are subscribers to Gartner then the conference will make sense.  I have known only one person who used Gartner data center services, so the overlap is very small.

Will I bet at Uptime Symposium in Santa Clara? No


Why No?  I have gone to 4 Uptime Symposium, but I am not allowed to attend as Media as I don't work full-time as a media person.  Which is actually fine, because I wasn't really learning much any more, and most of my friends have made the shift to attend 7x24 Exchange conferences.  I will be in the bay area the week of May 13, 2013 as people will want to meet and have a social gathering, but i don't need to attend Uptime anymore.

Will I be at Open Compute Summit in Santa Clara? Yes


Why?  Will as one of the analyst from the above organizations observed. "OCP group you could make a lot of money.  You learn way more at this summit than our conference."  Oh yeh, OCP is free has more of the tech leaders, Web 2.0, and high volume users.  

Will i be at DatacenterDynamics?  Yes  The specific ones other that Seattle are not set.


To meet a combination of the users and vendors I'll be back at 7x24 Exchange Spring.

2013 Spring CONFERENCE
June 2-5, 2013
Boca Raton Resort & Club
Boca Raton, FL
"Driving Performance"

This is my travel schedule so far which will most likely have many changes.