Implementing a Green Data Center? Think about Changing your Habits

Greening the Data Center is not easy.  Contrary to what many think a green data center is not simply a low PUE, a certification like LEED, and other ways to say "look at me I have a Green Data Center."

A Green Data Center is not a binary thing of do this, and now you are green.  Drive a Prius used to be thought of being a Green thing.  Driving a Hybrid isn't a big deal any more.

What should you do?  Think about changing your habits?  Bad habits can accumulate a lot of waste.

Charles Duhigg has a new book on "The Power of Habit"

“Charles Duhigg masterfully combines cutting-edge research and captivating stories to reveal how habits shape our lives and how we can shape our habits. Once you read this book, you’ll never look at yourself, your organization, or your world quite the same way.”
quote-danpink (1)Daniel H. Pink, author of #1 New York Times bestselling Drive and A Whole New Mind