Oops, Cloud Data Center to serve US Fed gov't opened in May 2011 closes

The media makes it seem like the cloud is everything, but when you look carefully, the cloud momentum isn't as big as some believe.  Want some proof? Harris Corporation is shutting down its cloud data center operations as it finds its federal customers want physical space.

‘Cloud’ Data Center Closes Because Federal Agencies Prefer Earth

According to Harris, the government prefers to keep its data in-house. Photo: gregwest98/Flickr

Harris Corporation — an outfit that provides computing infrastructure for government agencies — is selling its super-secure data center in Harrisonburg, Virginia and leaving the “cloud computing” business, saying that both its government and commercial customers prefer hosting “mission-critical information” on their own premises rather than in the proverbial cloud.


“[The closure will] allow us to refocus our capital and efforts on the secure, cost-effective communications and IT solutions that our customers are demanding,” read a statement from Harris CEO William M. Brown.